4-H Alumni Initiative

Calling all 4-H Alumni: 

The Jefferson County UW-Extension Office is looking to make a register of 4-H Alumni in the area for the upcoming. We want to connect with those that grew up in the 4-H program and have become “tomorrow’s leaders.” 4-H members and leaders we ask that if you know 4-H Alumni that you ask them to fill out this card below. By filling out the card the Alumni will be added to a database. Through this database we hope to keep Alumni informed with 4-H events in the county and show alumni that the new Jefferson County 4-H members are carrying on their legacy.

This is a new effort the Jefferson County 4-H program is starting and we are kick starting it with the new special emphasis theme;

“Today’s 4-Hers, Tomorrow’s Leaders.”  

Registration for Alumni Registry

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