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February 2018 Swine Update! 
Due to the new swine transportation laws, the MAP committee has decided that NO initial swine weigh will be held on April 22, 2018. Again, this is in response to recommendations with the new law and from the responses received from the survey. Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey to provide input for the committee. We greatly appreciate it.

We realize that changes midstream can be difficult. This was not an anticipated change by the committee. With this change, also brings other changes within the handbook, specifically in regards to awards. They are:

  1. There will be no rate of gain awarded for the swine project in 2018.
  2. Supreme Champion Award will be calculated on Live Show Ranking and Carcass Contest Ranking. (This is how it has been done in the past when no initial weigh in was held.)


  1. All members are required to utilize the DNA option for tagging their animal(s). Youth must have their animal(s) tagged and DNA sample submitted back to WLIC postmarked by Friday, April 20, 2018.
  2. Deadline for member MAP agreements is by end of day on Friday, April 20, 2018. Member agreements may be turned in at any time to the UW-Extension Office. Here is a link to the form if needed:

If you have any additional questions regarding any of the changes that have been made by the Committee, please feel free to contact your project leader, FFA Advisor or Meat Animal Project Swine representative. Many of you requested additional information about the new swine regulations. We will be sending out more information as soon as we receive it. A good source for information is the DATCP website (



Youth Quality Care Assurance program replaces MAQA in 2018. This is a state-wide change following a national movement. Currently, there is a $3 cost for YQCA Face to Face or “Instructor-Led Training”. 4-H’ers may take YQCA through online interactive modules for $12. Youth must pre-register and pay with a credit card at .

YQCA Face to Face or “Instructor-Led Training” Events:

  • MAP Camp – Saturday, February 24th – UWEX Office- three times available: 9:00am, 10:30am and 12:30pm (must pre-register by February 20th)
  • Dairy YQCA – Saturday, March 10th – 9:00am – UWEX Office
  • YQCA Activity Night – Monday, May 14th – 6:30pm – UWEX Office

YQCA Certification Verification Link (submit your certification code here)

MAP Committee Contacts

 Position Name Phone
Beef Representative, Adult Scott Keppen 920-988-2306
Beef Representative, Adult Alexis Timmel** 920-988-4703
Beef Representative, Youth Devin Splinter** 262-490-3039
Beef Representative, Youth Mackenzy Meschke** 920-988-2065
Sheep Representative, Adult Lisa Small (Treasurer) 920-285-7204
Sheep Representative, Adult Laura Monson** (Secretary) 920-728-3301
Sheep Representative, Youth Samantha Semrau** 920-397-8002
Sheep Representative, Youth Chandler Zwieg** 262-354-4096
Swine Representative, Adult Tim Ball (Vice Chair) 262-337-1147
Swine Representative, Adult Rachel Thom** (Chair) 920-728-5144
Swine Representative, Youth  Ralph Hombsch** 920-253-8400
Swine Representative, Youth  Emma Statz** 920-988-8402
Dairy Representative, Adult Linda Wright** (Reporter) 920-253-9398
Dairy Representative, Youth Sawyer Brandenburg** 920-563-3266
Member-at-Large Shane Haberman**  920-988-6964
FFA Representative Amanda Bosnak  608-206-7953
Business Representative Kevin Doherty** 920-342-4714

** Terms expire in 2018.

MAP Data Log

The MAP Data Log is updated when documents are turned into the UW-Extension Office. This log is to help members understand which documents still need to be turned in.

2017-2018 MAP Data Log

MAP Calendar

June 1, 2017 Start of the new MAP year (2017-2018) for earning education points May 4, 2018 Sheep & Swine recording errors due
 November 13 Beef Project Kick-Off Meeting
All Grades; 6:30-7:30 p.m.
UW-Extension Office
 May 14 Record Book Training
6 p.m., UW-Extension Office
 December 8 Beef WLIC DNA Postmark Deadline (if applicable)  May 14 YQCA Activity Night
6:30 p.m., UWEX Office
 December 9 Beef Weigh-In (9-10:30 a.m.) at Fair Park
Project Agreement Forms Due
May 31 Last day to complete educational points. Point cards due to UWEX by 4 p.m.
 January 5, 2018 Beef Weigh-in Recording Errors Due  June 8 Buyer Cards due to UWEX
 February 12 Swine Project Kick-Off Meeting
All members 6:30-7:30 p.m. @ Activity Center, Fair Park
Early June 2018 Youth notified of sale eligibility by letter from MAP Committee
 February 19 Sheep Project Kick-Off Meeting
All Grades; 6:30-7:30 p.m.
UW-Extension Office
 July 10 Weigh-ins, ultrasound and grading for 2018 Jefferson County Fair
 February 24 MAP Camp – UWEX Office
Additional Details coming soon!
 July 11-15 Jefferson County Fair
 Prior to March 1  4-H Project enrollments and changes MUST be done – Notify UWEX Office  July 14, 2018 2018 Youth & Dairy Livestock Auction (MAP Sale) at Fair
  March 17  Project Learning Day for Beef, Sheep, Swine & Dairy
8-12:15 p.m.
Fair Park
 July 24 MAP Awards Night
Fair Park – MAP Sale Arena
6:30 p.m.
April 20 Sheep & Swine DNA Postmark Deadline (if applicable)
Project Agreements Forms Due
July 31 Thank You Notes due to UWEX Office by 4 p.m.
April 22 Sheep Weigh-in (1-2 p.m.)
Project Agreement Forms Due
September 7, 2018 Project Record Books due to the UWEX Office by 4 p.m.

MAP Handbook, By-Laws, & MAP Agreement

Educational Opportunities


Kick-Off Meetings – 1 point

Members and a parent or guardian are encouraged to attend the Species Kick Off meetings to gain a better understanding of the rules and due dates for each species. New rules and changes will be announced at the Kick-Off meetings each year.

Other Opportunities for Points

Events not listed below must be pre-approved by the committee in order for them to count as points.  Please contact the committee chairperson or the Extension Office before the monthly committee meeting to have your event approved. All educational points must be completed and approved by May 31, 2018.

1 point events

  • Record Book Training (encouraged for first year members) – 1 point
  • MAP Activity Night (same materials as MAP Camp)
  • Club Meat Animal Project Meeting – max 2 points
  • Fitting and Showing Clinic (Nasco, FS, Animart, etc) – max 2 points
  • Livestock or Meat Judging Clinic
  • MAP Committee Meeting – 1 point max
  • Sheep & Wool Festival Skillathon, Sweepstakes or Showing – max 2 points
  • Breed Association Field Days (Hereford Farm Tour) – max 1 point
  • Weigh-In Help – max 2 points
  • Fair Ultrasound Help – max 2 points
  • Livestock Camp Help – max 2 points
  • Project Learning Day for Large Animals – 1 point per species; max 2 points
  • Carcass Clinic – 1 point
  • Meats Lab – 1 point

2 point events

  • MAP Camp
  • Participate in Premier Exhibitor Contest at State Fair – 2 point for 1st specie; 1 point after
  • WLBA quiz and Skillathon Contest
  • Meats Judging Team (must participate in contest)
  • Livestock Judging Team (must participate in contest)
  • Beef, sheep or swine shows (excluding all Jr. County Fairs & State Fair) – 6 point max
  • Participate in World Beef Expo Sweepstakes
  • Livestock Quiz Bowl
  • Leadership Roles (example – teaching a clinic, breed ambassador)
  • Area Animal Science Days

3 point events

  • Herd management – breeding through finishing (your MAP species)

No. of Point = Credit Times 4

  • School Classes – Animal Science, Ag Exploration class (livestock, meats), crop/feed

Dairy Judging, World Dairy Expo, Dairy Bowl and Project Animal Sales are a few items that are not included and do not count for points in the MAP Project.

Record Books

  1. If you were in the 2016 MAP Project last year (those who sold or even those who weighed in, but did not sell), you must have turned in a completed record book by September 7, 2017. Your required record book must be completed for the specie of your sale animal. It is not required that you create a record book for each animal or each specie you exhibited.
  2. Record books must be turned in complete. If your record book is deemed incomplete, the MAP Committee will review your record book as a committee. Members who turn in record books that are not complete will sell at the END OF THE SALE. Examples of an incomplete record books may include but is not limited to:
    1. Must contain ALL required signatures.
    2. All information must be completed (all filled in).
    3. Written information must be legible.
    4. If you score a 15 or under, your record book will be considered incomplete.
  3. If you weighed in an animal (beef = December, sheep = April, swine = April) and/or DNA tagged an animal and choose not to sell it and/or show it at the Fair, you must still turn in a and choose not to sell it and/or show it at the fair, you must still turn in a Record Book to participate in the MAP project and sale in the following year. Record Books for 2017-18 are due September 7, 2018 by 4:00 pm.

Record Books (All record books due to UW-Extension Office by 4 p.m. on Sept. 1, 2017)

Beef Information

Coming Soon!

Sheep Information

Coming Soon!

Swine Information

More information coming soon!

Buyer Information

It is the member’s responsibility to talk with prospective buyers and invite them to attend the sale. Each member planning to participate in the meat animal project sale is encouraged to promote the MAP sale by turning in signed buyer cards to the UW-Extension Office by June 8, 2018.

Additional Resources

The Meat Animal Project Committee receives educational support from the 4-H Youth Development Agent and the UW-Extension, Jefferson County Office, 864 Collins Road, Jefferson, WI 53549. When you have any questions regarding your meat animal project, contact one of the committee members or the UW-Extension Office. The UW-Extension office may choose to contact a committee member with your question. Your UW-Extension contact is Kim at You may also call the office at 920-674-7297.

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